Art and Design - Fine Art

There are 2 different art courses you can choose: fine art or graphic communication.


This course offers a broad range of skills which develop a competency in drawing and painting initially. With a foundation of skills learned in year 9 and the development of individual projects in year 10 and 11, students are able to evolve creative and diverse outcomes to a high standard. The range of work produced is also supported by referencing artists’ approaches and techniques.

Students will have the opportunity to explore types of drawing, mixed media, 3D/ceramics, printmaking and painting. Areas of study cover still life work, portraiture, and a range of mixed themes.

Students will need to purchase their own sketchbook and some drawing and painting equipment for the start of the course.

Why should you choose GCSE fine art?

If you have enjoyed art lessons, drawing, photography, making pictures or any other artistic and creative activity you are likely to enjoy this course, and that alone is a good enough reason for choosing fine art at this stage of your education.

If you want to work in any of the creative industries as an artist or designer, you must choose either GCSE graphic communication or GCSE fine art as this will then lead to further art and design courses and training.

At Sharnbrook we offer exciting A levels in fine art, photography and graphic communication. You will not be accepted onto the A level courses offered in the art department unless you have done GCSE fine art or graphic communication.

There are lots of jobs where it is essential have studied art and design courses, and many of our former students are now working as artists and designers in architecture, advertising, illustration, theatre, art curation, interior design, fashion and the media.

Assessment Method

All courses in art and design are externally moderated and are weighted:

60% Coursework (as 2 independent projects developed in Y10 and 11)
40% Exam (a 10 hour practical in April of year 11)

To see a range of artworks produced in the art department please go to our ART GALLERY on the school website;

For further information please contact

Ms S Deane, Head of Art



Art and Design Year 9 GCSE assessment criteria