Organisation of Curriculum

The course details outlined in this section are divided into two main categories:

  • Core subjects
  • Optional subjects

Core subjects

These are subjects taken by ALL students and they consist of:

  • English* and English literature*
  • Mathematics*
  • Science (double)
  • Religious Education* (including citizenship, personal & social development)
  • Physical Education

* These are full examination courses leading to GSCEs.

For further information on core subjects please click here.

Optional Subjects

Some subjects have a range of courses available to meet the learning preferences of the students.

The qualifications available are:


Qualification Equivalent to GCSE Option choices taken
GCSE 1 GCSE graded 9-1 1
BTEC Award 1 GCSE graded 9-5 1
Single Cambridge National 1 GCSE graded 9-1 1
Double Cambridge National 2 GCSEs graded 9-1 2

For further information on optional subjects (2021/22) please click here.


April 2021