A message from our caterers, Aspens Services, is below:


Dear Students, Staff and Parents

School Lunches and the Journey Back!

The roadmap has been set and the journey back has started! Familiarity, nostalgia and comfort are what we are all craving and what can be more familiar and comforting than one of our hot school lunches? We are keen to welcome everyone back with the food that they know and love. We believe that lunchtimes are a highlight of the school day and will help to establish the routine in the journey back to normality.

We want to take this opportunity to share further information with you about your school meal service. Our goal continues to make eating at school a pleasurable experience and offer healthy and nutritious meals in line with Government guidelines. We also follow the current guidelines in our working procedures and training in areas such as social distancing, food safety and enhanced cleaning regimes to ensure that we can continue to produce and serve food safely.

Here’s a summary of what we will be continuing to do, to give you reassurance as students return to school:

Changes you will now be familiar with:

  • We have amended how the students come into the dining room to make sure we allow for social distancing and minimise queue times.
  • Meals may be served in the classroom to help with social distancing.
  • Changes have been made to service areas to avoid queuing, lingering and bottlenecks.
  • Signs in the dining room and on plasmas screens will give a few helpful reminders such as only touching the food to be eaten and avoid sharing food or drinks with others.
  • There will be no self service such as salad bars. These will be managed by our team.
  • We will still offer a range of sandwiches, boxed salads and baguettes, cakes and fruit but they will be wrapped. We do understand this will temporarily increase packaging but we will endeavour to keep this to a minimum level.

Changes in the kitchen and with our team:

  • We hold daily briefing sessions to prepare for the day ahead.
  • Flexible working hours and rearranging workstations make sure that social distance measures are upheld. ● Kitchen ventilation will be increased by opening windows and doors.
  • We are limiting the number of deliveries to site and accepting these deliveries on a "no contact" basis. ● Visitors will not be allowed in the kitchen.
  • We have new, enhanced recording procedures including food hygiene and safety. Each meal service is then certified as being compliant by our Head of QHSE.
  • Our teams are carrying out specific return to work and COVID-19 training and will be certified "fit to work”.
  • We are continuously updating guidance underpinned by bite size training modules for our cooks, chefs and catering assistants.

The menu will mainly remain the same for the time being to help with the familiarity and comfort. To amp up the fun and excitement at lunchtimes we have some popular special daily menus and guest offers coming up for you to enjoy. We also have our Love Your Food promotion - let us know what you want to see on the counters!

New Free School Meals

We understand that there may be some families that have had a change in financial circumstances and may now be entitled to apply for Free School Meals. We encourage you to visit the following website which will help you to establish if you can claim. https://www.gov.uk/apply-free-school-meals We are experts in feeding school aged children and are really looking forward to seeing everyone back at school, eating a hot lunch with us each day. You can contact us via email on info@aspens-services.com or call on 01905 759613. You will also find a host of information on our website – www.aspens-services.co.uk

Aspens Services


Food Allergies or intolerances?

If your child has a special diet, you will need to complete and return the special diet form (see below), confirming your child’s needs, as well as medical evidence and two photographs of your child, to the school reception.


Special Diets form
Tariff Menu
Ready to Serve Menu
Menu April 2021 - October 2022