Welcome to Sharnbrook Sixth Form

At Sharnbrook, students are joining a sixth form that prides itself on the educational and pastoral environment that we believe encourages them to make the most of their skills and aptitudes. We set high expectations of personal responsibility towards their studies as well as a requirement to get involved in the wider aspects of sixth form and school life.

Transitioning into the sixth form creates its own unique challenges for our young adults. We pride ourselves on the support and guidance that each one of our students receives to enable them to approach their studies with confidence and conviction.

Our broad range of subject choices alongside a wealth of extra-curricular activities, excellent careers guidance and application support, effectively prepares students for whichever direction their studies take them in the future. Whether their future is at University, work, college or apprenticeships, we provide them with the tools, knowledge and experience to succeed, and we are always proud of them all.

Daniel Baxby
Director of Sixth Form