Experience and Support

Managing academic studies alongside part time jobs, learning to drive, plus many the other calls on a student’s time can cause challenges that may require guidance and advice. We have a wide range of both in school and external support available for students to access if required, all of which are there to guide them through any of these challenges that may arise.

This support starts with a student’s sixth form tutor, who through the academic mentoring programme, provides them with regular information on their academic progress, guiding students with their studies, and supporting their application for their destination of choice after the sixth form.

We also have our specialist sixth form team, who provide guidance and support in relation to more specific issues. Our highly experienced Health and Wellbeing advisor, and our in-school specialist counsellor are both there for students when required.

While the focus is primarily on a student’s studies, we provide information and experience of a wide range of other issues through our tailored PSHE programme. Through the monthly focus, we discuss many of the challenges facing students in the UK and wider world today, as well as teaching some of the skills required for life after school. Examples include financial awareness lectures, personal safety guidance and the opportunity to develop life skills, delivered through a series of drop-down days, lectures, and tutorial activities, specifically designed for the needs of sixth formers both now and in the future

Finally, life in the sixth form is not just about work, students plan and organise several social activities, together with intra-house events and competitions throughout their two years.