The Sixth Form Commitments


When students join us as a member of Sharnbrook Academy sixth form, they enter into a commitment to engage in all aspects of sixth form life, to equip them for life after their studies. Equally we give them our commitment that we will support and guide them through the next two years, preparing them for their future ahead.

These combine into our ‘Sharnbrook Commitments’ programme, that guides all aspects of our sixth form provision. More information about this programme is outlined later in this prospectus.

When students become a part of Sharnbrook Academy sixth form, they commit to give their time, energies, and efforts towards furthering their education, achieving the best that they can, and developing them as individuals ready to face the world ahead.

As a school we commit to providing students with quality teaching and learning, support and guidance, and many opportunities to enable them to access the next stage of their education or work, and beyond.

The 'Sharnbrook Commitments' are the way in which we bring together all elements of life in the sixth form, and provide students, teachers, staff and parents, with a clear structure, purpose and strategy for their experience ahead.