Study Leave

Year 13 study leave arrangements

At the request of staff, we have brought the study leave period slightly earlier, as some will have exams on 20th May - earlier than they have ever been! Students will have 5 days of study leave (including w/e) prior to their first exam if they start w/b 20th May. We have done this to support students for whom this affects as the majority seem to have at least one exam prior to half term and then the rest afterwards. In their assembly this week, we stressed the importance of using the Easter holiday to prepare for all of their exams (particularly in light of mock feedback) along with their remaining time in school.

Students with exams on 20th May will have their last day in school on Tuesday 14th, students with exams on 21st will have their last day on Wednesday 15th etc. with ALL Year 13 on study leave from 17th May. Staff should be available in their normal lesson slots, prior to May half term, should students wish to access them. This does not apply to art-based subjects or language speaking exams, as some start earlier than that.