Work Experience 2019

Work experience weeks for Year 12 are scheduled for the 4th – 8th February and again on 15th – 19th July. These dates will allow you to extend into the half term or summer holidays (for the July date) if you wish. Work experience is not compulsory but encouraged and will count towards your Enrichment activity. If you are unable to arrange your work experience during these dates, please come and discuss with Mr Cakebread and we will try to facilitate this.

Please find  the work experience form below. You will need to ensure that:

  • the form is completed, at least a week, before you start
  • you have both the parental and business consent pages completed and attach any additional information (i.e. risk assessments) that you may be given
  • once completed the forms need to come back to Mrs Bains in the Sixth Form office (accessed from the study centre)
  • you have received confirmation from the Sixth Form office that your paper work is in order and you are good to go

If you are doing your work experience during a school holiday you don’t need to complete any paperwork but please do let me know so that I can add to your Enrichment.

If you need to know more, come and see Mr Cakebread to discuss.

Work experience form