Well-being and welfare

For our students to achieve their very best, they need to feel well, mentally, physically, and emotionally and that is why we put student wellbeing at the heart of our approach to sixth form study.

Mental health and wellbeing guidance and support

The nature of Sixth Form study will be stressful at times for students, but for others it can also be a more challenging experience. The Sixth Form has several support mechanisms available for students no matter what their level of need including both internal and external guidance and specialist support. Students or parents with any concerns, seeking advice, or requesting help, should contact Mrs Holland or a member of the sixth form team in the first instance who will then signpost students to the appropriate support.

Specialist support in school

School Counsellor
School Nurse
CAMH School Support Worker

Useful External Support Contact Numbers and Websites

NHS 111 option 2 - Mental health crisis support for all ages is now available 24hrs every day
Chat Health - https://chathealth.nhs.uk/
Kooth Counselling - Home - Kooth
Bedford Open Door - http://www.bedfordopendoor.org.uk/
Service Six Northamptonshire - http://www.servicesix.co.uk/
iCaSH - https://www.icash.nhs.uk/
CHUMS - http://chums.uk.com/bedfordshire-services/


The Sixth Form takes its duty towards the safeguarding of all students extremely seriously. If students have a concern or have been involved in an incident that has or is putting them at risk, they should report to a member of the sixth form team as soon as possible. The designated safeguarding persons in Sixth Form are:

Mrs Holland Safeguarding and Wellbeing Lead – dholland@sharnbrook.academy
Mr Baxby Head of Sixth Form – dbaxby@sharnbrook.academy

All other enquires please contact Mrs Holland on 01234 782211 or email dholland@sharnbrook.academy