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Exam board: Edexcel

Economics is about understanding the world we live in. Why can’t the government print more money to make us all richer? Will a minimum price for alcohol be effective? Why do new roads quickly become congested?

Who is it for?

People who have an interest in, and a desire to know about, how things work in the business, political and financial worlds. People who want to know about management of the economy and making money, and people who are interested in making society fair and just.

Entry Requirements

In addition to the general entrance requirements, the department expects that these will include mathematics and English Literature at grade 5 or better, because the theories and concepts of the subject require strong analytical ability.

You are able to take economics with either business or accounting but not both as they are all in the same 'family' of subjects.

Course content

The course is run as an A level, examined after two years. The course is divided into 4 units which study the following areas.

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to Markets and Market Failure
  • Unit 2 – The UK Economy – Performance and Policies
  • Unit 3 – Business Behaviour and the Labour Market
  • Unit 4 – A Global Perspective

For more detailed information, please click on this link to the Edexcel website:

Time commitment

Class time plus private study. There is also the need for wider reading to re-enforce, and develop, knowledge and understanding of the subject; this will include newspapers, magazines, internet, radio and television news. There is also an expectation to use the many varied and useful Economics websites such as: Tutor2U, S-Cool, Economics Help etc.

There is no coursework.


Three examinations at the end of the course, which include a mixture of multiple choice, data response and essay questions.

Additional Costs

Recommended Student Guides:
Economics A Theme 1 Introduction to markets and market failure, Mark Gavin ISBN: 978-1-4718-4336-5 (£6.99)
Economics A Theme 2 The Uk Economy: performance and policies, Rachel Cole ISBN: 978-1-4718-4408-9 (£6.99)
Economics A Theme 3 Business Behaviour and the Labour Market, Marwan Mikdadi ISBN:: 978-1-4718-5685-3
Economics A Theme 4 A Global Prespective, Quentin Brewer, ISBN: 978-1-4718-5790-5 (£6.99)

Instead of having to buy all 4 student guides for the whole course there is a complete guide:
My revision notes Edexcel A-Level Economics, Quintin Brewer ISBN: 978-1-4718-4213-9 (£16.99)

Recommended Text Book:
Edexcel AS/A Level Economics Student book, Alain Anderton ISBN: 978-1447990550 (£36)

Visits to conferences during the course.

Career Prospects

There are far too many to mention here, but specifically related occupations would include finance, accountancy, sales and marketing, management consultancy and any other business or finance related activity. Economics develops important skills and understanding as a preparation for a wide range of degree courses, and is seen as an approved course by the Russell Group of top universities.

For further information, contact:

Mrs Claire Denny, Head of Economics