Business Studies

Exam Board: AQA

If you want to explore and be challenged by the day to day problems faced by any business, then this course is for you!

Who is it for?

Students who have a genuine interest in, and enthusiasm for, investigating the world of business and its impact on society in general as well as finding out about the key functions within a business. Also if anyone interested in a business related career.

Entry Requirements

In addition to the general entry requirements, if you have studied GCSE business you will be expected to have gained a grade 4. However, GCSE business studies is not a prerequisite for this course.  Business studies can be taken with either economics or accounting but not both as they are in the same 'family' of subjects.

Course content

Planning & Financing a Business

Unit 1: The reasons for, and challenges of starting a new business, and the financial concepts needed to be successful

Managing a business

Unit 2: Four main issues with managing a small business, including good financial control, managing people in business effectively, managing operations to make decisions regarding quality, supplies etc. using marketing effectively to be competitive

Strategies for success

Unit 3: Managing large complex businesses across finance, HRM, marketing and operations

The Business Environment and Change

Unit 4 : Bringing it all together and looking at how businesses assess change in their environment to manage it effectively for future developments and growth

Weekly commitment

Approximately five hours of classwork plus weekly homework. Students are encouraged to watch news programmes, visit websites such as and keep up-to-date with the business news so they can apply it to their studies.

There is no coursework.


Students are entered for one external exam at the end Year 13. However, students will be regularly assessed during the course in the lead up to the external exams.

Additional Costs

Occasional visits may need to be financed.

Career Prospects

Advanced level business studies can lead to a number of associated courses at higher education such as accounting and finance, HRM, management, retail management, international business and many more. It also provides a great foundation for entering the world of work.

Further information contact:

Mrs M Withers, Mrs E Staines, Mr W Greenwood, or Miss N Kali