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Thank you for applying to Sharnbrook Sixth Form.  Please complete this application form as fully as you can.  The questions marked with an * are mandatory and must be answered.  If you have any queries regarding this application form, please contact the Sixth Form Office on 01234 782191.

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Any information you provide will be used solely to compile statistics on the school careers and experiences of pupils from different ethnic backgrounds, to help ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. These statistics will not allow individual pupils to be identified. From time to time the information will be passed on to the Local Education Authority and the Department for Education (DfE) to contribute to local and national statistics. The information will also be passed on to future schools to save it having to be asked for again.

Please tell us about your A level and/or BTEC course choices.  You will find details of all the courses that we offer, including subject specific entry requirements,  here. Please make sure you are familiar with the entry requirements for Sixth Form by clicking here.  Some of the courses that are available are doubles and take up two A level choices.

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