Year 12 Future Programme

Dear parent/carer,

I hope this e mail finds you and your family well.

I know that it might seem strange to ask your son/daughter to start thinking about leaving school, when they are currently not physically at school! However, we do need to continue with the process we began at the end of January, so that they can give serious thought to the various options open to them.

We have put together a programme, based (as far as possible) on what we usually do, to get them thinking about what their future might look like. Each week, they will be sent various 'Futures' tasks to complete, where we have incorporated both a university and careers/employability focus to accommodate them all! There will also be an opportunity for them to have a 1:1 careers interview, so please encourage them to make sure their inbox is not full and respond promptly when it arrives. We will also need your consent for this, in line with our safeguarding/GDPR responsibilities more details to follow.

If there are documents needed to support any of the tasks set, they will be uploaded onto Teams at the start of the week.

For this week: EtonX opportunity

You many have seen in the national press that Eton College have made some of their on-line courses available to state schools. I have signed the school up for this programme and students can now access their ‘Resilience’ course on-line, which I hope they will all engage with.

As well as being full of beneficial tips and guidance, it also looks good on a cv/personal statement too, as many interviewers may well ask what they did in the 2020 global pandemic? (Source: Huffington Post article

Students have been sent an access code, which goes live on 22nd April. They do not have to do the entire course all at once! In fact, Eton suggest they do a section at the start of a week and then try to implement what they have learned through the rest of that week, before progressing. They can also download a certificate at the end of the course, which they can add to Unifrog, so that they, or their tutor, can mention it in a personal statement/reference.

In future weeks, we will be looking at how students can research courses and apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships, studying abroad and much more, along with actually starting to compete their UCAS application, when this comes on line in May. For your information, the UCAS website also has an extremely informative parents area, with short videos and guidance.

Any questions/queries, related to this programme or anything else in particular, please get in touch.

Stay safe!

Lisa Rattu
Operational Director of Sixth Form Studies

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