The Art Exhibition

Art exhibition 2bBetween 30th October and 16th November 2018 Sharnbrook Academy opened its first wave of an expansive and ever-growing art exhibition, showcasing the school’s diverse, miscellaneous and talented selection of creative art pieces, from a wide variety of corners in the genre – photography, graphics, and fine art. This first exhibition focuses mainly on the varied styles and pieces from the school’s talented art department teachers, with editions such as Mr Marsh’s own, self-published photography book and a cold war graphical history book illustrated by Mr Purcell. The main attraction – Student Pieces – will be seen in later openings of the exhibition above the art rooms.
This exhibition is already looking like a great success. The inspirational pieces already on display are starting to pull in visitors, with many staff members and selected students up there when the exhibition first opened its doors.
It is not only the work of staff that is on full display. Student work, especially year 13 pieces, were extremely eye-catching, standing out amongst the brilliant work from Sharnbrook’s best and brightest staff members, and show hope for the future of the art exhibition, when their final pieces will be front and centre. Talking to some of these year 13s, who were hard at work, they felt the exhibition helped them with their work, saying that the pieces that are displayed provide a great, creative atmosphere, ripe with inspiration, which was said to enhance their creativity and work production.
In conclusion, the future is bright for this gallery of art, being popular now, but will become a creative department staple when the students are able to put their talent on full display.

Written by Max Roberts for Enrichment.

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