Great Ormond Street Hospital for a day

For my work experience I went to the Human Resources department at Great Ormond Street Hospital for a day. This was not an area of work that I was familiar with but in October I ‘took over’ the learning and development branch of HR as part of takeover day which I really enjoyed. Although I only did a day’s work experience during the week I have done multiple other days at GOSH over the last couple of years including taking over the pharmacy and learning and development (as mentioned previously) and going to a life skills day at Morgan Stanley.

To get to London I went on the train on my own which I something I have done numerous times. When I got to the office I was immediately welcomed by the staff who were really friendly and excited to be having someone who visits the hospital regularly come and offer their opinion. For the day I shadowed Emma Gill who was a HR Business Partner at the hospital who I had met previously. The first thing I did was talk to the head and deputy head of HR to find out what their job roles involve and how they got into the industry. They explained that they ensure that staff are doing the correct job and have to discipline them if they’re not. They also explained that a big part of their job was also praising staff for good work especially at the annual staff award. When I asked them how they got into their roles they both explained they had fallen into it by accident, one explaining that they had done a business degree and the other explaining they filled a temporary position and ended up loving the role.

My next task involved planning a workshop which highlighted some of the positive and negative points staff had mentioned on the last staff survey. Emma said that I was very helpful during this as I was able to pull on my knowledge from PSHE activities I had done in the past at school. This was fascinating as I was able to observe how the HR department use the hospital values to ensure departments work together and improve their experiences at work.

After lunch, I attended a meeting on retaining staff. During this meeting Emma asked me to look at their information regarding why staff joined the hospital, why they left and what would have made them stay. This was a great insight into what it is like to work at a hospital which is something I am hoping to do in the future. What was also interesting was that I was asked my opinion on how the hospital could advertise opportunities for training and changing departments around the hospital. They were very impressed with my knowledge of continued professional development which I had learnt as part of my health and social care A-level.

My final activity of the day was attending a talk by the co-medical director Martin Elliott. Here I learnt about where the hospital spends its money and the debate between drugs that extend life and drugs that increase quality of life. This was very interesting as he was very knowledgeable in this field. After this I got on the train and went home.

Following the work experience, I received some feedback from Emma stating that: ‘she was polite and interested and asked some great questions. We discussed all the amazing skills she has in terms of organizing her medical conditions and procedures. In the future, I think these will really differentiate her when applying for job/study opportunities as she is able to prioritise, link and strategies lots of different bits’ information and communicate really well.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Emma and all of the HR department for being so supportive and welcoming, as well as the patient experience team for helping me organise the work experience and continually giving me opportunities within the hospital.

Written by Emma Beeden

Year 12

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