Going the extra- Geography's trip to Manchester

The week after half-term, the year 12 Geography students visited Manchester for three days as an opening to their new topic, “Regenerating Places”.

The trip began with a coach trip to the youth hostel, before travelling to Chinatown and Canal Street, which are created pockets of identity for groups in that area. The students performed assessments of the area using methods such as land use surveys and gathering observations of passers-by, which were recorded for later use in coursework. This part of the trip afforded an opportunity for students to note the diversity within Manchester and reflect on how this has impacted the development of the city - both overall and in secular areas. Next was a tram ride to Etihad Campus, home of Manchester City football team, en route to Beswick to see the impact of the sport industry in that area. Part of this was a visit to the Velodrome, where the students were allowed to watch the training of Team GB's cyclists before returning to the hostel.

The next day, students were separated into two groups. While one group toured the BBC studios in Media City UK, the other investigated the progression of regeneration spreading from the nearby Media City. The BBC tour included the BBC Radio 6 Music’s studio, the studio that houses Question of Sport, which was recently visited by a Sharnbrook Academy graduate, and also a radio drama studio, where we observed the manufacturing of sound effects. The final stop of the tour was a miniature version of the BBC Breakfast studio. Meanwhile, the other group visited the Lowry museum and its surroundings. Students then traversed Manchester from Ancoats to Castlefield, surveying the degree of regeneration and wealth to see the effects of Manchester’s governance.

On the final day, year 12 visited Etihad Stadium to learn of the history in the area, and how sport had helped to rejuvenate the surroundings of Manchester City’s home. They toured the stadium, taking in the pitch, stands, training room, changing rooms and press room. The guides described how the club had changed the stadium and their image; including the logo that the club changed to greater reflect the city and the club.

This educational, interesting trip provided opportunities for academic and personal growth. It allowed a deeper understanding of the examination topic “Regenerating Places”, promoted responsible and sensible behaviour in students that reflected positively on the school and on themselves, and gave an excellent foundation for a coursework case study to be examined later.

Written by Samantha Langley

Year 12

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