Bursary Summary March 2020

Bursary summary – ‘free’ money!

NB – you cannot apply for both the Harpur Trust AND Connolly Foundation bursaries – you must choose one or the other!

Harpur Trust  – apply directly via www.harpurtrust.org.uk

The grant is for students of meet two of the following criteria:

  • from the first generation of their family to attend university
  • come from a low income family. For example, nominees will have been eligible for free school meals / receive support from the school or college’s 16-19 Bursary Fund. Preference will be given to families with a household income of £25,000 or less.
  • are living independently (for example in a Foyer or YMCA)
  • have additional financial difficulties as a result of specific family or other exceptional personal circumstances. Full details should be included in Question 8 of the application form.

Connolly Foundation

Apply via school – Sharnbrook Academy internal deadline is Friday 27th March (we have to process the forms and
get them to the Connolly Foundation by 4th May). For subsequent years, you must apply directly to the Connolly Foundation
  • Awards are open to applicants studying at A level in the following core academic subjects:-  English Language, English Literature, Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History, Geography, Economics, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Psychology, Law and Physical Education/Sports Science (A level or BTEC) plus one other subject.  The additional subject may be any subject on the school curriculum at A level or BTEC.   
  • To be successful, applicants will be required to achieve A level passes in two of the CF core subjects at grade A*, A and B as well as in their additional A level or BTEC subjects (BTEC equivalent grades required). 

Additionally, there are six discretionary awards and you should apply to Mrs Rattu for these.

  • The discretionary awards are intended for students who would not otherwise qualify under the main CF award scheme but who the school nevertheless consider deserve an award. 

 There are no subject or grade requirements and students do not have to be going into further education. 

Celia Hanbury Memorial Bursary

No specific application form, but you application letter must include the details requested below. You may also be asked for proof of family income.

  • Available to those whose family income is £45,000 (gross) or below.
  • Recipients must have been at Sharnbrook continuously since the beginning of Y12 minimum
  • Courses should be, ideally; medicine, veterinary medicine, nursing, equine related courses and possibly agriculture related, such as land management, farming, agricultural engineering, horticulture, husbandry.
  • You must detail how the bursary will enable you to fulfil your potential educational/career aspirations
  • An important condition of accepting the grant is that the successful candidate(s) will be asked to report by letter, or in person to the CET, after each academic year, on how the bursary has helped them in their life and studies. Recipients may be ased to provide written feedback for use on the school website.
  • Apply by 20th March, 2020, after which time, there will be an interview process (at school)


More detail regarding these awards is available. Application forms and accompanying notes will be placed in the ‘Sharnbrook students shared documents’ area.

The Medicspot Innovation Grant

They award £500 to Sharnbrook Academy students going on to study a degree, or equivalent, related to health, medicine, nursing or life sciences.

Applications must be submitted online by 31 March each year. For more information and to apply: www.medicspot.co.uk/grant

Individual universities

Our strong advice is to check individual university websites, as they often have other bursaries or scholarships available for a variety of reasons e.g. sporting, musical, academic performance at A level etc.  Have a look at ‘The Complete University Guide’ website below, too.




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