Students across all year groups at Sharnbrook Academy undertake three formal assessments per subject per academic year, the results of which are reported on the Go4Schools website. At Key Stage 3 (years 7 and 8), students follow the mastery curriculum and are assessed against mastery statements, which are available to view within the curriculum pages - subjects.  Key Stage 4 and 5 assessments report GCSE grades (1-9) and A level grades (A*-E) respectively. To prepare our students thoroughly for their GCSEs and A Levels, students in years 9-13 will, once a year, sit “mock exams” (dates below) conducted under the same protocols as external examinations. In addition to these three formal assessments, subjects will conduct additional tests throughout the school year, which are also reported on Go4Schools.

Go4Schools reports target grades for students, the current working grade and the expected grade, the latter being the teacher’s professional judgement of outcome at the end of the key stage. Target grades are based on prior attainment but subject teachers may moderate these, with student agreement, to more accurately reflect student aspirations. The current working grade is produced from the outcomes of the formal assessments. The grades on Go4Schools allow students and parents to assess progress and identify areas of strength and weakness, supported by the detailed feedback given by teachers after each formal assessment.

In addition to assessment data, Sharnbrook Academy asks teachers to, three times a year, give feedback on a student’s attitude to learning, reporting on “effort”, “behaviour” and “homework”. This information is recorded on Go4Schools. Attendance, praises, concerns and set homework are also available for parents and students to view and all information is updated daily.

Because of the large amount of information reported on Go4Schools, and the detailed feedback given to students after each formal assessment, Sharnbrook Academy, in line with the other secondary school within Sharnbrook Academy Federation does not, with a couple of exceptions, issue end of year reports. However, year 7 students will receive a report from their form tutor in term one, to give parents information on how well their child has settled into secondary school. In addition, year 8 students will receive written reports from the options subjects in term two, to help them choose the right GCSE courses.

Go4Schools is designed to provide students and parents with live information on attainment, progress, behaviour and homework. However, the school also recognises that there are some instances where the information provided may cause concern or parents may wish to seek further clarification. In these cases parents can make contact with subject teachers via “Sharnbrook Information/contact us” or the subject head of department. There is also one subject consultation per year for years 7-10 and year 12. Year 11 have both an academic tutorial, an extended meeting between parents, students and the form tutor, and also a subject consultation; year 13 has two subject consultations, to support students effectively during their crucial examination years. Dates for all of these can be found here.

Go4Schools which can be accessed HERE and it is updated on a daily basis.


Mock Exam Dates 2020

Year 9: week commencing 15th June 
Year 10: week commencing 27th April
Year 11: week commencing 6th January
Year 12: week commencing 15th June
Year 13: week commencing 24th February