Ofsted Report March 2017

Inspection date 30th March 2017

Some of the highlights of the report mentioned:

  • In 2016 the progress of pupils from the beginning of Year 7 to the end of Year 11 was among the top fifth of schools nationally.
  • Behaviour in lessons was exemplary.
  • Teaching was characterised by confident subject knowledge, which was communicated clearly.
  • The performance of each pupil is regularly reviewed by leaders with teachers.
  • Learning time is used very productively.
  • Pupils concentrate and work well together.
  • Pupils feel safe.  The school is a happy place for learning.
  • Pupils are known well and their well-being is taken very seriously.
  • The ‘Key Services’ resource is new.  Leaders can show examples of this having a positive impact on pupils affected by mental health issues.
  • The schools new marking and assessment policy is used consistently.
  • Pupils feel teachers help them know how well they are doing and how to improve.
  • Pupils feel one of the best things about the school is the wide variety of subjects available and opportunities out of lessons, such as trips and productions.
  • There is good-quality advice and guidance in the sixth form which leads to high retention rates.
  • Pupils feel they do well because teachers give a lot of advice and support in lessons but also out of lessons and after school.

To view the report please click here.