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March 2021

Additional needs the teenage years & how to navigate extreme behaviour  

A Webinar for Parents Caring for a SEND Child by the brilliant Yvonne Newbold MBE

  • Wednesday or 24th March   20.00-22.00 

Hosted by Yvonne Newbold MBE and Jonathon Clingan of Carers in Bedfordshire  

The teenage years are hard for all young people, but particularly so for children with additional needs. This session looks at puberty, mood, risk-taking behaviour, communication, dislike of change, internet safety, teenage withdrawal, and lots of other things, as well as exploring some of the underlying causes for difficulties, and what can be done to counter them. The session will explore school-based issues, puberty related issues, the changing social expectations and the differences in socialisation that affect teenagers. There is a focus on the importance of parents being able to fill the gaps in understanding, particularly around internet safety and sex education, that some children with a learning disability or autism might not otherwise be able to fully comprehend. 

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Deaf Awareness Workshops

  • Wednesday 31st March 10.30 - 11.30am and repeated 
  • Wednesday 31st March 19.00- 20.00  pm

Hosted by: Joanna Steer 

Come and join our workshop to learn more about how people are impacted by loss of hearing and how you can support them to maximize their hearing potential 

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Transitioning to the ‘New Normal’: Helping parents and children during their return to school 

  • Wednesday 31st March 14:00-15:30   

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The session will be repeated see below:

  • Wednesday 7 April 19:00-20:30 

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Hosted by: Caroline Carter (CIB Wellbeing Practitioner)

Join us for a workshop on how to identify anxious thoughts that your child and/or you are experiencing and know what to do next in the context of COVID.


APRIL 2021

Eight Week Mindfulness Course for Carers 

  • Thursday 8th April 2.00pm - 3.00pm       For eight consecutive weeks

Hosted by: Matthew Aylen  

Matthew Aylen MSc, MBACP is a coach, psychotherapeutic counsellor and mindfulness teacher. He is the founder of Grow, having successfully completed an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology. A certified mindfulness teacher and trainer, he holds mindfulness workshops in the Bedfordshire area, and work for a number of charities as a coach, mentor and tutor. He is a registered member of the BACP, the leading counselling regulatory body in the UK. 

Matthew will start with an explanation of what mindfulness is, how it is beneficial, as well as debunking some of the myths attached to mindfulness meditation. I will be introducing you to different mindfulness techniques, as well as helping you to explore which are best for you. I will also be leading a variety of different mindfulness activities. By the end of the training, you will have a clear understanding of how you can start to establish a regular mindfulness practice and good reasons for doing so. 8 Session Plan: 1. Introduction to Mindfulness & Hourglass Meditation 2. & 3. Using Anchors: Breath, Sound, Sight, Taste, Sitting, Walking 4. Body Scan Meditation 5. & 6. Thoughts, Urges, Inner Critic 7. & 8. Acceptance, Compassion & Kindness I look forward to welcoming you! 

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Weekly Sessions starting in April 2021

Sign up and join in when you can, we understand you are busy so please do not worry if you can't attend every session Caroline will be pleased to see you whenever you can make it 

Weekly Managing Worries and Uncertainty 

On Wednesday 1-2pm    Starting 7th April 

Hosted by: Caroline Carter (CIB Wellbeing Practitioner)

During this strange start to 2021 you may have noticed changes in your own wellbeing. You might have experienced feelings of exhaustion, frequent worries about your own or a loved one’s health, increased levels of stress or anxiety, or you may be feeling low, irritable, restless or overwhelmed. Although these feelings may not be nice, in the face of a global pandemic they are completely normal and very common. Join us weekly or every now and again to talk about how to manage these worries and uncertainty as we adjust to the ‘new normal’. 

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Weekly Wellbeing Drop-In         

  • On Friday 11-12pm    Starting 9th April 

Hosted by: Caroline Carter (CIB Wellbeing Practitioner) 

Join us for our weekly drop-in hour with our Wellbeing Practitioner to talk wellbeing and learn tips and strategies to promote positive wellbeing   To register click HERE

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