Mental Health First Aid Course

On 13th March 2020 our Year 12 and 13 students, and Year 11 students who are over 16 years of age, will have the opportunity to take part in a Mental Health First Aid course.

Youth Mental Health First Aid Lite is an internationally recognised course and has a strong evidence base of equipping young people with information and tools to support their peers and look after their own mental health. The session will run from 9am – 12:10pm

Topics covered will include mental health language, adolescent development, stress and resilience, stigma and discrimination, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, suicide and psychosis. The course is all about young people helping young people and I hope you will agree it is an exciting opportunity for our sixth form students.

The cost of the course will be £25 per student. There are only 25 places available on this course so in the first instance, please confirm your interest in your child attending this course by 12pm on Friday 14th February. This can be done online via parent's WisePay accounts.

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