Remote Learning


Instructions for Self-Isolating Students 

  1. Your teacher will set work on Teams throughout the week, so please monitor the platform closely
  2. The work set on Teams should always be your main priority
  3. You should complete work each day according to your timetable
  4. Work should be completed in your exercise book unless you are told to do something else
  5. At the top of each page, include the date and write ‘Self-Isolation Work’ as the title
  6. If you have a problem or need to ask a question, contact your teacher over Teams or via email
  7. If you finish all your work, access the Oak National Academy resources or the resources provided in the brown paper pack


Guidelines for Parents and Carers of Self-Isolating Students

1. Teachers will set work on Microsoft Teams as soon as they are able to do so. In some cases, teachers will set all the work at the beginning of the week; in other cases, it might be on a lesson-by-lesson basis. Please do encourage your child to check Teams regularly.

2. Teachers will typically set work on Teams in one of two ways. They will either upload work as an ‘assignment’ or they will post the resources on the ‘chat’ platform. Unfortunately, unlike with Go4Schools, it is not possible for us to provide you with access to your child’s Teams account. However, your child will be able to show you what they are working on when are logged-in.

3. The work on Teams should always be your child’s priority. The paper packs of work that get sent home are there as a back-up option because we know there can be competition for screen time within some households and also that it is not always possible to secure a reliable internet connection.

4. If your child has any questions about the work they have been set or if they have problems accessing it, they should email the relevant teachers.

5. If your child would like to complete extra work, they should access the Oak National Academy links that have been selected to align with the work they are studying in class.

6. In cases where the teacher is able to do so and feels it is appropriate, they will stream a live lesson. They will use Teams to do this, so all your child needs to do is be ready to ‘pick-up’ the class. Teachers will signal in advance when they will be streaming lessons.

7. Please do get in contact with us if anything is unclear and we’ll always do our best to help.

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Instructions for Self-Isolating Students

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