Vertical Tutoring & the House System

On joining Sharnbrook, students are allocated to a tutor group which is made up of around 26 students from years 7 - 11.  Form tutors have daily contact with each of their tutees and know them individually.  Tutors are skilled in easing the transition to secondary school, and they will make contact with parents of new students early in the first term to establish the parent/staff partnership we regard so highly.  We find this enables students to quickly make friends and offers them an established support network of older students who, guided by the form teacher, will offer advice and assistance to younger students. 

For students needing extra help in dealing with difficulties and issues, we have a dedicated Key Services team along with safeguarding officers to make sure that we can look after our children when they need it most.

Our sixth from students are allocated to tutor groups which comprise of both year 12 and 13 students.  In these groups, they receive bespoke guidance about post-16 higher education and employment opportunities.  Our sixth form students will guide and work with younger students in their houses at key times throughout the year.

The House System

All students are allocated to one of six houses led by a head of house who, in turn, is supported by an assistant head of house.

Colworth - YELLOW

Grange - GREEN

Loring - BLUE


Parentines - PURPLE

Templar - RED 

Houses have fortnightly assemblies and participate in a range of inter-form and inter-house activities, ranging from an annual tug-of-war competition, University Challenge and collecting food for Christmas hampers which are donated to those in need in the community.  In addition, each house supports and fundraises for a house charity which is chosen by the students.


Heads of House contact: