Telling School

We are a Telling School and we all have a role to play in supporting our community.

What is a Telling School?

A Telling School means that anyone who knows or suspects that bullying is taking place is expected to TELL a member of staff.

We promise it WILL be investigated as per our bullying flowchart.

This applies to all students, staff, parents and any person who may visit Sharnbrook Academy.

  • Posters are displayed in all teaching blocks along with a Telling School Box (post box - available after COVID) - These boxes will be emptied daily
  • If you prefer, you can complete on online form (click here


It really is that simple - TELL SOMEONE!

  • Tell a member of staff
  • Tell your friend
  • Tell someone at home
  • It will be dealt with


  • You are Telling to keep someone or yourself safe
  • You are Telling to help someone
  • A member of staff is needed to help solve the problem


T = Is it true
H = Is it helpful
I = Is it inspiring
N = Is it Necessary
K = Is it kind

Mrs Kell