Mentoring, Leadership & the Student Voice

Young people deserve to have the opportunity to develop their leadership potential and have their voice heard.

Students can join our team of trained and experienced peer mentors who help younger students develop strategies to deal with issues and provide a listening ear for those who need it.  They are also involved in planning and delivering a programme of powerful and well-received PSHEE events for their peers.

A significant number of sixth form students also engage in academic mentoring, passing on their experience and expertise in organisation, study skills, revision and exam preparation, as well as subject-specific knowledge.

Our weekly TV broadcast is manned almost entirely by students, both behind and in front of the camera, providing them with the opportunity to develop technical and presenting skills.  It also provides the school with a means to share a breadth of experiences and viewpoints with the whole student body, ranging from language exchanges and trips to current affairs and school events.

Those with a particular interest in the world of politics have prepared debates for the student body linked to significant current affairs, culminating in the whole school casting their votes.  This always stimulates much debate and discussion around the school!