NHS Mental Health Service

We have been advised that another NHS Service is available for people that need urgent help with their mental health. Please see below more information about the service.

Dial NHS 111 option 2 when prompted for the mental health service.

NHS 111 puts your mental health first. It provides 24-hour access, seven days a week, 365 days a year, to mental health care, advice and support.

If you are experiencing something that makes you feel unsafe, distressed or worried about your mental health, you dial 111 and selecting option 2

What happens when I call?
The phone will be answered by a trained mental health professional who will be able to listen to your concerns and help you get the support you need. They can offer advice over the phone, and also put you in contact with our crisis services.

Who can call?
If you aren't able to make the call yourself, then anyone can call on your behalf - for example a friend, parents/carer, other family members. The service is available to anyone, of any age.

Mental health crisis, could include:
• Changes to your mood
• Withdrawing from people (close family, friends)
• Not taking care of yourself like you usually would
• Having increased thoughts about your life not being worth living
• Feeling out of control or unable to cope
• Feeling anxious about leaving the house
• Thinking about harming yourself.

If you need any further support please contact the Key Services Team.

Thank you,
The Key Services Team