At Sharnbrook Academy, we strive to make our new students feel confident about the transition to secondary school.  We understand the importance of making them feel welcome and ensure that they are a valued part of the school community. 

We work closely with all sending primary schools to ensure that we have a detailed understanding of the needs of all students joining us. 

The year 7 curriculum is broad and balanced, giving our year 7 students the experience of specialist lessons in specialist facilities.

Our transition programme is designed to help students settle in quickly, start to make new friends and be excited about the prospect of joining Sharnbrook Academy.  In the summer term before starting Sharnbrook, students joining us on ‘fact-finding missions’ to find out about the school and report back to their peers.  In addition, all students will join us for two days of induction where they will experience a wide range of activities in readiness for the September start.