If your son/daughter is going to be absent from school, please inform the school before 8:30am, either by phone, email or text.

For Main School attendance
Telephone - 01234 782211 select option 1
Email -
Text number - 07860 005793

For Sixth Form Attendance
Telephone - 01234 782191 or 01234 782211 select option 2
Email -

Please state the student’s name, your relationship to the student, a brief outline of the illness or other reason for absence and when you expect them to return. Messages can be left if out of hours or during school hours should the telephone lines be busy.

Please also use these telephone/email details to advise the attendance team of any medical/dental appointments students may need to attend.

COVID-19 Absences

So that we can follow all of our COVID-19 protection measures at school, it is absolutely vital that your child does not come to school if they are ill in any way. Our experience in Autumn Term 1 2020 has demonstrated that children, and adults, do not always display typical symptoms.

Please follow the advice previously outlined in the letter from the Director of Public Health at Bedford Borough Council:

“If your child displays any symptoms, including the coronavirus symptoms, but also a headache, sore throat, feeling run down, or an upset stomach, please keep them at home and request a test.”  Covid-19 tests can be obtained on the NHS website for these symptoms listed above by selecting none of the main symptoms and then continuing through to the option “my local authority has asked me”.

Please could we also bring to your attention the below guidance from website,

“If someone you live with develops symptoms, they will need to self-isolate at home along with all the other people who live with them; this will include you. They will need to arrange to have a test to see if they have COVID-19 – visit NHS.UK to arrange or contact NHS 119 via telephone if you do not have internet access. They and the people who live with them should follow Stay at Home: Guidance for households with possible or confirmed COVID-19.”

Appointments & Late Arrival to school

Please note students must sign in at main reception if they arrive to school late. They must also sign in/out at main reception before leaving for, or arriving from, appointments.

For safeguarding reasons, we cannot allow students off site without prior notification either by phone, email or handwritten note from a parent/carer.

There is no reason for your child to be absent from school for any of the minor ailments listed below. Our attendance officers may ask for more information if these reasons are given and will not authorise the absence if they are not satisfied.

• Period pains
• Absence as a result of orthodontic adjustments
• Conjunctivitis
• Hay fever
• Head lice

Mrs Rigby (Attendance and Welfare Coordinator)
Mrs Shears (Attendance and Welfare Coordinator)
Ms Manani (Sixth Form Attendance and Welfare Coordinator)



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