Seperate Science (year 8)

SEPARATE SCIENCE (‘Triple Science’)

Entry to this course is by teacher recommendation.

We offer two possibilities for studying science at GCSE, both of which begin at the start of year 9.  We expect that most students in year 9, along with most students nationally, will follow the GCSE Combined Science (‘double’) route which will lead to two GCSE grades.  Those with a particular interest and aptitude in science may instead opt to study Separate Science (‘triple’) GCSEs by selecting science as one of their option subjects.

In order to express their interest in following the separate science route, students should select science as one of their option subjects.  Each application will be considered on its merits where we look at both academic record, as well as class participation and work ethic.

Why should I select separate science as an option?

If you are already thinking about university and careers and are interested in science-based degrees and jobs, then it is worth considering taking separate science GCSEs.

You will develop a wide range of mathematical, spoken and written communication skills as well as improving your ability to work with others, to analyse and solve problems and to take charge of your own learning.  These are all important transferable skills that all employers look for.  Science qualifications open up a very wide range of opportunities and are useful irrespective of what you intend to do in future life.

However, it is important to remember that you are not required to take separate sciences in order to continue with science A Levels.  A good pair of GCSE grades on the combined science route will enable you to move on to any of the A level sciences.

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Mrs L Watt