Literacy and Numeracy

Entry to this course is by teacher recommendation.


The extended literacy course that we offer is shaped to the personal needs of the student.  Students will be recommended to the course by their classroom teacher in order to develop ways to overcome weaknesses that have been identified.  In addition the course is designed to build confidence in all aspects of literacy.  Students will enjoy developing the reading, writing and analytical skills needed to access and achieve in the GCSE examinations.


The numeracy course has been specifically designed to run alongside and complement the GCSE mathematics course.

Its main aims are to gain confidence in maths by firstly embedding prior KS3 knowledge and by addressing any potential weaknesses.  It will then move on to enhancing core skills in preparation for the rigorous GCSE examinations.  Students will focus on revision techniques and how to approach higher mark questions in particular.  In a small group environment, there will be additional opportunities to ask questions to ensure a full understanding.  Teachers will work on past papers, showing how to pick up marks in key topics and how to be resilient if any early questions seem particularly challenging.

Students should expect to cover the following topics:

- Mental arithmetic

- Algebraic manipulation

- Statistical analysis

- Calculator confidence

For further information see

Mr D King

Miss S Hankinson