Religious Studies (Core)

AQA Religious Studies (Ethics, Philosophy and Religion in Society) 4055

Religious education covers religious education, citizenship and PSHEE (including sex and relationships education).

All year 9,10 and 11 students take the full GCSE AQA Religious Studies 8062 course for examination in 2018/19 respectively.  This course also incorporates PSHE and citizenship issues.  Students will cover 2 units: ‘Religion and Life Issues’ and ‘Religion and Morality.’



All units taught are value and issue driven, exploring secular and religious responses to the dilemmas and problems raised by these challenging topics.  Specific religious responses focus on predominantly Christianity and Islam.


The course taken culminates in two exams at the end of year 11 lasting 1 hour 45 minutes each.

There is NO COURSEWORK COMPONENT in any of the religious studies GCSE.

Religious Studies and Other Subjects in the Curriculum

This course supports studies in other subjects such as English, history, geography, child development and science and is the perfect introduction to A level religious studies and/or philosophy (both considered a first tier A level by Oxford and Cambridge Universities as well as L.S.E. and those universities within the influential Russell Group).

What can I do with a Religious Studies Qualification?

A GCSE in religious studies is a stepping stone to a wide range of future opportunities.  The skills you develop will support you in further studies (see above) and employment.  GCSE religious studies also prepares you to work and deal with people of different cultures and beliefs, which can be very useful for careers such as the police, the caring professions and the armed forces.


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