Music Technology (NCFE)


Students wishing to study on this course must have an active interest in music technology. It is a very practical hands-on course centred on the numerous vocational skills required by those working in different roles within the music industry.

You must, therefore, be prepared to engage in detailed research regarding the units of study on offer. You will also be expected to demonstrate a mature appreciation for many different types and styles of music. It would be an advantage if you were able to play a musical instrument or if you had some experience of creating music using sequencing or loop-based software, although this is not a necessity.


Coursework units:

  • Unit 01 – Using a DAW – explorehow music production software and hardware is used in the creation of music
  • Unit 02 – Creating Music – learn how to write and produce music in a chosen style
  • Unit 03 – Studio Recording – learn how to record and mix instruments and vocals to create a multi-track recording
  • Unit 04 – Sound Creation – explore how to create sound for different types of media


  • Paper 1 - written assessment (2 hours invigilated external assessment) – short-answer questions and listening questions.
  • Paper 2 - practical & written assessment (2 hours invigilated external assessment) – creative and technical manipulation of musical material to a given brief.

Assessment Method

The course will be assessed in a variety of different ways, including written and practical assignments, presentations and the submission of original or creatively arranged pieces of audio. All coursework submissions will be graded with a level 1 or level 2 pass, merit or distinction.

Through studying the course, students will be able to show that they are competent in:

  • taking part in group discussions;
  • engaging in research into specific areas to do with the music industry;
  • displaying confidence when delivering presentations to peers;
  • demonstrating a range of technical recording skills with due regard for health and safety;
  • working independently on coursework tasks both in and out of lessons.

What can I do with a NCFE award in Music Technology?

This course would provide an ideal basis for further study in music technology. Sharnbrook Academy currently offers A level music technology which would be accessible after successful completion of the NCFE course. The vocational nature of the NCFE would also be useful for individuals wanting to begin a career within the music industry after leaving school.

For further information see

Mr C Bassett

Dr N Carey