There are 3 different languages you can choose from: French, German and Spanish. Sharnbrook encourages students to take a modern foreign language, which will enable students to achieve the EBacc and help maximise their options for further education.


Modern languages are a core skill, useful with any combination of subjects. As one of the EBacc subjects, they are highly valued by FE providers and are also preferred subjects from the Russell Group of universities. Indeed, an increasing number of universities demand a GCSE language as a compulsory entry requirement for a variety of non-language courses. A qualification in languages also enables people to travel abroad more easily and appreciate other cultures, as well as improving job prospects in today’s competitive global workplace. It is a myth that everyone speaks English. People with language skills are highly sought after.

Outline of Course

There will be a range of GCSE teaching groups and materials that will aim at a high, accurate standard of language in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The work will concentrate on useful language in realistic contexts.

Assessment Methods

Students will have final examinations at the end of year 11 in each of the 4 skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. These skills are all weighted equally: each counts for 25% of the final grade.

Study Implications/Requirements

You will ideally need enthusiasm, perseverance and organisation. You will need to listen carefully and participate positively. You will be asked to learn things by heart, which requires effort and concentration. You will have lots of opportunity to practise your French, German or Spanish, and you may be offered the opportunity of a visit abroad.

What can I do with a Language Qualification?

A GCSE in a modern foreign language is a useful addition to anyone’s CV and also offers progression to further study of a foreign language at A level. It confirms your ability to learn a foreign language and facilitates your learning of other languages for work or pleasure, at school or beyond.

By choosing a language at GCSE, you will be keeping valuable study options open. You will also increase your employability. Employers are always seeking candidates with language skills, and a GCSE in a modern foreign language will place you in a strong position for interesting employment with plenty of career opportunities.

Language skills are particularly valued for careers in journalism and media, law, engineering, business and marketing, ICT, sport and leisure, travel and tourism, customer service, civil service (immigration, customs and excise, diplomatic service), banking and teaching (UK and abroad).

Many universities now require a GCSE in a modern foreign language as part of their entry requirements.

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