Health and Social Care

Level 1/2 Cambridge National Certificate in Health and Social Care (120 glh)

Why Study Health and Social Care?

The health and social care course is aimed at students who have an interest in and enjoy working with people in a care environment. This can lead to employment in the health, social care and early years sector in positions such as doctors, nurses, speech therapists, midwives, paramedics, social workers, and primary school teachers, although many of the areas studied would be of benefit in all adult life.

The vocational nature of this programme expects students to seek and select information and opinions from health and social care professionals and to organise work experience and visits into health and social care organisations. Students will be expected to develop independent study and interpersonal and home management skills throughout the course.

What are the Objectives of the Course?

  • To recall, select and communicate knowledge and understanding of a range of contexts.
  • To apply skills, knowledge and understanding in a variety of contexts and in planning and carrying out investigations and tasks.
  • Analyse and evaluate information, sources and evidence, make reasoned judgements and present conclusions.

What will you Study?

This qualification will equip students with a sound, specialist knowledge as well as skills for everyday use.

There are two compulsory units for the single award that will be covered over the two years:

R021: Essential Values of Care for Use with Individuals in Care Settings

R022: Communicating and Working with Individuals in Health, Social Care and Early Years’ Settings.

We also propose to study the following optional units:

R029: Nutrition

R031: Using Basic First Aid Procedures

(These units are subject to change in any year)

A variety of skills will be used throughout the course, including collecting and interpreting data, communicating findings in different ways and identifying and developing the links between different parts of the subject. These skills are in great demand and are recognised and highly valued by employers and colleagues.

Students will be challenged by introducing them to demanding materials and skills, encouraging independence and creativity, and providing tasks that engage with the most taxing aspects of the National Curriculum. This includes the ‘Values of Care’ and the current legislation requirements, and the importance of softer skills such as communication.

Lesson time will be 4 hours per fortnight in year 10 and 5 hours in year 11. Students will be expected to plan and implement activities in order to complete set projects, including putting together a lengthy portfolio.

How is the course assessed?HSC


What can I do with a Health & Social Care qualification?

Cambridge Nationals in health and social care can lead to a wide range of general and vocational qualifications including the following:

Health and social care is a good starting point for jobs in the care services such as nursing, social worker, care assistant and working with children. The options open to you will depend on your results, entry requirements and your own interests.

If you wish to continue studying health and social care, you may consider a Vocational Cambridge Technicals in health and social care offered in school as a single and double award with an excellent success rate.  Alternatively, you may wish to study one of the three related BTEC National courses in caring, health studies or early years, or an advanced subsidiary or advanced GCE in psychology or social policy. You can then continue your studies in higher education on either a BTEC Higher National or a degree.

There are a large variety of higher education courses that are based around health and social care.

For further information see  Mrs D Lasslett