Carpentry AQA UAS Unit Award Scheme

Entry Level 1 Award Certificates

Course Outline

If you enjoy working with your hands and want to improve your woodworking skills, this could be the course for you.  This course is aimed at providing an introduction to the carpentry craft and has a practical skills focus.  During the two years, three to four units will be covered.

Assessment Method

A range of units will be studied, all with practical outcomes.  These outcomes will be assessed by a member of staff with a small amount of paperwork to support the process.  Each student will receive a certificate detailing the units they have passed and techniques covered.

Study Requirements

Each student must demonstrate a good eye for detail and be able to work accurately and safely to produce practical work of a high standard.  Patience and perseverance are crucial to ensure success.  If a member of staff deems a student not to be safe in a workshop environment, they will not be permitted to carry out practical work until they can prove otherwise.

What can I do with these certificates?

You may wish to take this subject for its own sake, perhaps to form the basis of a future interest.  Or, you might wish to go into a job where it is useful to have had experience of carpentry, or where you will need to use some of the skills developed during this course.  The certificates will equip you with the practical skills for the woodworking trades.  Alternatively, it could possibly lead to a career in several areas, including building contracting, craft trade areas such as plastering, carpentry/joinery and plumbing; owning and running your own business, or painting/decorating.

Additional Costs

We ask for a contribution of £5 in year 9 and £10 in years 10 and 11, per student, each year, to support the material costs and consumables.


For further information see

Mr D Sadler