Sixth Form News

Biology trip to Sheringham - posted 30th Jan

I was expecting the biology trip to Sheringham to be a tedious excursion filled with dull fieldwork and statistical analysis. However, it turned out to be full of thrills and memories that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Even the gruelling statistical analysis was fun, and we had a few chuckles as we drew up the graphs.

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My NCS Journey: - posted 9th Jan

My name is Amy Tyley and I am writing this article to inform you of my amazing NCS journey. It all started this summer before my exams when I signed up for a four week NCS programme in order to have something to look forward to and help me to get through the much dreaded exam season.

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Homerton College in Cambridge - posted 13th Dec

I attended a week long summer school at Homerton College in Cambridge. It was a fantastic experience that I would thoroughly recommend to anybody wanting to experience life at a university. It involved experiencing a variety of lectures covering a multitude of subjects within the ‘arts and humanities’ range that the summer school was focused on. This included a fascinating lecture on espionage in WWII for history, as well as things such as Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, which is much more interesting than it may sound.

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Chemistry Masterclass - posted 8th Dec

I recently attended a chemistry masterclass at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. The focus of the day was to give potential applicants to Cambridge an idea of what studying at Cambridge would be like, as well as giving us advice on how to provide a competitive application.

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Master Cadet - posted 31st Oct

On the 22nd -27th of October, I attended the most physically and mentally demanding course in the ACF (Army Cadet Force), the Master Cadet course. Before I dive into my experience on Master Cadet, let me give you some background information on Master Cadet and the ACF. The ACF is a youth organisation for people between 12-18 years of age. There is a whole host of activities that we do, from climbing mountains to kayaking, shooting live rounds on a range, going on exchanges to Canada, physical training, drill, and many more, including the Master Cadet course. Master Cadet is simply the most advanced course within the ACF, which you do when nearing the end of your career in the ACF. There are currently 44000 cadets in the ACF, and only about 1% of them a year will ever qualify to go on Master Cadet, and only half will be accepted. It is run by regular serving soldiers.

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The New Coffee Shop - posted 23rd Oct

6th form students at Sharnbrook Academy are benefiting from new facilities this term. The coffee shop is open throughout the school day and offers a wide range of hot and cold food. From flat whites to mochas, speciality teas to hot chocolate, The Coffee Shop is bringing a taste of the high street to the 6th form.

The coffee shop has provided a great environment where 6th form students can work and relax.

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