Religious Studies

Who is it for?

Students who have a real interest in the issues that govern our lives and who are prepared to keep an open mind!

Entry Requirements

The general entrance requirements apply, plus a 4 in GCSE religious studies if taken. Specifically, grades 4 in both English literature and English language are required. Grade 5 in English literature will be an advantage; if this is not predicted, a discussion with the Head of Religious Studies is advised.

Course Content

Advanced Level RS offers students an exciting opportunity to study and explore some of life’s most intriguing questions. The course contains four modules that are split into two areas: philosophy of religion and religious ethics. Both sides of the course involve a study of a wide range of philosophers and theologians past and present, and draw on contemporary examples to ensure that debate is lively and relevant.

Issues covered include: How and what can we know? What is truth? How should we live? Does God exist? If God exists, why is there suffering? Do miracles happen? Is there life after death? How did the world begin? Why are we here? Has science made religion redundant? Is religion all in the mind? What principles should govern areas of sexual, medical and environmental ethics? In a world of conflict, can religion still have a legitimate say over ethics? Does God speak to people today?

Weekly commitment

Nine periods of teaching time per fortnight, background reading and regular written assignments.

There is no coursework.


Year 12 consists of two separate modules: philosophy of religion, and religious ethics. These are then built on by another two modules in Year 13.

Additional Costs

Key textbooks will be provided, but students may wish to purchase additional books that are recommended.

Career Prospects

The critical thinking skills that are developed by this subject will prove useful in most career paths and it is a first tier a Level recommended by Cambridge Trinity and the Russell Group universities. Employers like the fact that A Level RS students are well informed about different world views and are able to offer a balanced and open minded approach in the work place. Former A Level RS students have successfully entered a range of professions including: banking, civil service, education, law and medicine.

Further information contact:

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