Media Production BTEC

BTEC LEVEL 3 Diploma (Double Award – equivalent to two A Levels)

“The media is a powerful entity which plays a significant role within society.  It gives the people a voice or the skill to actually change people’s views or lives and I think that’s incredibly powerful.  That is why media matters” Professor Philip Thickett, Head of Birmingham City University school

Who is it for?

This course offers students the opportunity to develop their interests and competencies in practical application of media techniques.

Entry Requirements

In addition to the general entrance requirements, if a student has studied GCSE media, then a grade B (grades change to numbers in 2019) or above is required to access this course.  Priority will be given to GCSE media students, if demand for places is high.

Course content

The double award is a 10 unit qualification, equivalent to 2 A levels.  Students will complete 2 mandatory units, 2 externally assessed units and 6 specialist units in film and television production. 

The mandatory units

  • Unit 10            Fiction film production
  • Unit 7              Media enterprise

The externally assessed units

  • Unit 3              Digital media skills
  • Unit 8              Responding to a commission

The specialist units

There are 6 units focusing on various aspects of moving image production. In each unit you will be expected to complete the appropriate paperwork as required by the industry and to a professional standard. These units will cover such topics as:     

  • Unit 19            Scriptwriting
  • Unit 20            Single camera techniques
  • Unit 21            Film editing
  • Unit 25            Sound recording
  • Unit 35            Multi camera production
  • Unit 36            Lighting techniques


There is no final examination.  The outcomes for 8 of the units are based around a variety of practical productions, including the relevant paperwork, and written reports.  These are internally assessed and externally moderated. Only 2 externally assessed units are not marked in school.

Career Prospects

This BTEC Diploma provides the knowledge, understanding and skills for those students wishing to enter a career in the media or progress to any university degree or High National Diploma.  The diploma is highly specialised and prepares students for either higher education or employment in the media industry and is suitable for students who have already decided that they wish to enter this area of work.

For further information contact:

Mr J Gay or Mrs E Gauntlett