Uniform & Equipment

In September 2017 Sharnbrook Upper School changed its name to Sharnbrook Academy, taking two additional years of students, with the earliest entry being at year 7 instead of year 9.  In light of these changes, it has been necessary for us to make some amendments to our logo and school uniform.

Sharnbrook’s Local Governing Body has taken the opportunity to review the school’s uniform guidelines to try to make our uniform simpler, more affordable and more standardised.  We believe that this will have benefits for students, parents/guardians and staff, whilst maintaining our ‘dress smart, work smart’ ethos.

Firstly, in the interest of making our uniform as affordable as possible for students, we will be moving towards a single supplier for all schools in the Sharnbrook Academy Federation.  This will allow for a greater economy of scale with the savings passed directly to parents.  The skirt supplier will be the same for Lincroft and Sharnbrook Academies, for example.

Secondly, with regard to Sharnbrook Academy’s uniform, from September 2017, all new students in years 7, 8 and 9 will be expected to wear the new Sharnbrook Academy tie and blazer.  Our previous guidance mandated ties for boys only.  We feel that this change is in the best interest of all our students and makes our uniform policy more equitable.

As now, a coloured house flash will need to be sewn onto the blazer.

In addition, all new years 7, 8 and 9 students will be expected to wear:

  • either our new school skirt, available from our uniform supplier in 2 styles (pleated or unpleated);
  • or a pair of smart, black full-length trousers (i.e. not black denim jeans, culottes, leggings or jeggings).

Our new standard skirt will be sourced from a single provider and this will help to keep costs down.  It will also help students, parents and staff to avoid any confusion about shapes or styles of skirts that are considered to be suitable or unsuitable for a school or work environment.

The new guidance for Sharnbrook Academy will be intentionally gender neutral, with one set of uniform guidelines for all students.  References to girls’ uniforms and boys’ uniforms will be removed.  Our personal, social and health education (PSHE) student representatives have undertaken a considerable amount of research in this area over the last 12 months, presenting their findings to the school’s senior leadership team very articulately.  These changes to our uniform and our policy reflect their findings and put the school at the forefront of accepting and welcoming all students, without discrimination.

The new guidelines will not be enforced for current students moving into years 10 and 11 from September 2017 or into year 11 from September 2018.  The current policy will, therefore, cease to apply from September 2019, when all students in years 7-11 will be expected to adhere to the new policy.  We are phasing in the changes as we know that it is costly to replace uniforms which are otherwise in good condition.  Current year 10 and 11 students may choose to wear the new items if they wish to do so, but this will not be compulsory.

We trust that these new guidelines will serve to make the school’s expectations clearer, simplify decision-making for students, parents and carers and standardise our approach to uniform.

Please note that the change in uniform policy means that the information provided in packs distributed for new students is now replaced by this uniform update.  We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause and would encourage any parents or carers of students who are currently in years 6-8 and who may have already purchased new uniforms (skirts) which are no longer in line with policy to get in touch with Tracy McDonagh at tmcdonagh@sharnbrook.beds.sch.uk so that we may discuss your personal circumstances and identify a suitable solution.

Please see the documents below for details of how to order the new Sharnbrook Academy uniform, our uniform policy & the dance & drama uniform requirements.

Please note this uniform and policy are for new students joining us in years 7, 8 & 9 in September 2017 and year 7 in September 2018.

Please find supplementary instructions below on how to order online:

Please register accounts & place orders online with Price and Buckland:- www.pbparentsonline.co.uk/sharnbrook

For any ordering issues:

Telephone: 01159640827

Email: webenquiry@price-buckland.co.uk

You can choose to have your uniform delivered either to your home/work address.

Alternatively take advantage of the free delivery to school in August.  This is a one off delivery only, there will be no school delivery option for orders placed after 11th August.




For the uniform policy please click HERE.

For the Dance & Drama uniform please click HERE.

For the online ordering distribution form please click HERE.

For the list of recommended student equipment please click HERE.

School uniform for current year 10 & year 11 students

Please note this uniform applies to students in years 10 & 11 in September 2017 and year 11 in 2018.

Uniform for current year 10 and 11 students is no longer available online from John Lewis.  Any remaining stock of the SUS uniform will be held at the school.

At Sharnbrook, we would expect students to take pride in their appearance and adhere to the uniform policy.  High standards of dress contribute to setting the correct tone with the school environment and helps prepare students for appropriate dress standards within the world of work.

Students must comply with the requirements set out in this policy for uniform, hairstyles, jewellery and make-up.  If in doubt, speak to your head of house before making personal changes which might bring you into conflict with these requirements.  If there are any queries regarding dress and appearance, it is vital that the school is contacted first before any items are purchased or appearances changed.

Boys' Uniform - Current year 10 & 11 students

  • Plain full length black trousers – no denim/jean-style trousers.
  • Black socks.
  • Black school shoes – no trainers/plimsolls.
  • White shirt – to be tucked in at all time.
  • School tie – all year groups will wear new school clip-on tie.
  • Black school blazer – with school logo and house flash.
  • Black V-neck jumper – optional in winter only/sleeveless V-neck allowed; no cardigans.
  • Plain dark coat during the winter.

Girls' Uniform - Current year 10 & 11 students

  • Black trousers – no denim/jean-style trousers or leggings (no metal studs should be visible on the trousers.)
  • Leggings are not permitted, although plain black tights are acceptable (no footless/patterned tights allowed.)
  • Plain black skirt (appropriate length) just above the knee – no more than 2”.
  • White fitted blouse – no ties are to be worn.
  • Black or white socks.
  • Black school shoes – no trainers, plimsolls, high heels or backless shoes as this can be a health and safety concern around the school site.
  • Black V-neck jumper – optional in winter only, should only be worn with a blazer; no cardigans.
  • Plain dark coat during the winter.
  • Black school blazer – with school logo and house flash.


Only natural colours are permitted; if hair is coloured, no extreme shades are allowed.  No extreme styles are allowed.  Minimum of grade 2.  No tramlines or patterns should be shaved into the hair or the eyebrows.  If you have any queries about what is allowed, please consult with the head of house before you take any action.  A breach of this rule may result in students being isolated.


A maximum of one small plain stud may be worn in each ear.  One ring is permitted on each hand. 

The following are not permitted to be worn in school:

  • ear stretchers
  • necklaces
  • nose studs
  • tongue studs or any other facial piercings (other than the stud earrings mentioned above)
  • bracelets

Please note

Piercing retainers* are not allowed to be used as a substitute for piercings.  Any student attending school with piercings that are not permitted will be asked to remove them, regardless of whether or not they have healed.  Plasters over unauthorised piercings are not acceptable.

We would advise all valuable items and those of sentimental value be left at home to avoid loss.


Excessive make-up and nail varnish must not be worn.  When challenged by a member of staff, it will need to be removed.