Organisation of Curriculum

The course details outlined in this section are divided into two main categories:

  • Core subjects
  • Optional subjects

Core subjects

These are subjects taken by ALL students and they consist of:

  • English* and English literature*
  • mathematics*
  • science (double** or triple***)
  • religious education* (including citizenship, personal & social development)
  • IT**
  • physical education

* These are full examination courses leading to GSCEs.

** Students will work towards the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) in their IT lessons (equivalent to 1 GCSE).

The Two Science Routes

Students in eight of our year 9 science groups have provisionally embarked on an accelerated ‘triple science’ route.  They will acquire three separate GCSEs in biology, chemistry and physics if they continue on this route in year 10 and 11.

(Triple science is not a requirement for entry onto any of our science ‘A’ level courses: double science is perfectly sufficient so long as high enough grades are achieved).

Optional Subjects

Some subjects have a range of courses available to meet the learning preferences of the students.

The qualifications available are:


Qualification Equivalent to GCSE Option choices taken
GCSE 1 GCSE graded 9-1 1
BTEC Award 1 GCSE graded 9-5 1
BTEC Certificate 2 GCSEs graded 9-5 2
BTEC Extended Certificate 4 GCSEs graded 9-5 2
Level 1 Qualifications 2 GCSEs graded 4-1 2


The following subjects are reformed GCSEs and hence will lead to grades of 9-1: English language, English literature, maths, all sciences, religious studies, art and design, computer science, dance, drama, food preparation and nutrition, geography, history, all languages, music and PE.  All other GCSEs will remain as A*-G for our current year 9s.